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Hello and welcome to our house! A special thanks to qilora for encouraging us to and helping us set up this journal.

If you haven't read the user info page, please do, otherwise you won't know what the heck is going on *LOL* - it is long, but it's important to read it all if you really want to understand. We have a hard time sorting things out in our head, and we got it written out intelligently, thanks mostly to Lynn, so it's best you read the info page.

We've decided to make this journal not only for the reason stated in the user info, but also because we hate living a lie. And we feel that coming out to our family and friends directly might be met with bad reactions. Lynn also figured it would be better to let friends and family happen upon this journal (hopefully) and allow them to deal with this news at their own pace and in their own way - or not deal with it at all, if they prefer.

If you want to be able to read this journal, just let us know, by commenting here or e-mailing us, and we'll add you. You can also add us to your friend's list :-)
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