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Important - Changing Journal

A while back when we names our system, The Chezâmes, we wanted our user name to be chezames instead of cheztoni. But there was no way to change it without paying $15! So I've decided to make another journal using the user name of chezames and just start using that one. This journal will stay up for archive reasons only (I'm not transferring all the posts!) And incase you had the curlywhirly journal, you can delete that, it's being deleted as we speak. Some of you are groaning and saying "not again!", but we want to use our rightful name. And Kali says "JUST DEAL WITH IT!" *LOL*

If you are a friend on this journal you're a friend on chezames. Please, if you use your journal to post (that leaves out fotojoe and anyone else who only got a journal to read ours), remember to make us a friend on your journal so that we can read yours. Thanks :-)

The New Journal is chezames

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